I don’t know what happens.

I don’t know being 23 yo would be this hard.

I don’t mean to over emphasize this thing but it hurts me.

My life was great at first…

I had wonderful friends at college. They were the one who taught me everything.

I have the one who never left me behind. The one who always had my back. The one who would always shed my tears. The one who always there…

But when I graduated…

Things were changed…

I need that shield…

The one that would protect me from the heat.

The storm…

The rain…

The cold of the snow…

The sharp of every sword in this world..

I miss my glory time…

I miss the kindness…

The joy…

The love..

The laugh…

The live…

I hate this time

This time

These people are so mean

They have the sword that would stab you from front and back

They have your enemies that would help them to attack you

They would take your shield

They would grab your shelter

They would destroy you

To the pieces…

I’m scared…

I’m afraid…

I’m afraid of these people…

I’m afraid they would take my life,

My everything

They did.

I had no preparation.

I cried.


Until I barely breathing.

At first…

I was tired to remain myself that I had to be strong

And then I remembered

I was alone when I was born

I had committed to myself that..

I would fight for myself…

I would stand up for myself

I cry..

But I build the bridge..

Then I cross it.

It’s not easy.

I would try.

I have my golden army.

They would be with me. They would fight with me

I have my Allah..

That would protect me…

That would give me the strength.

I’m ready.

To brave my heart.

I hope.

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If Cancer were a thing, they would be the home, a shelter from the storm.
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Hello I have a shield that can protect me from your charm! :)

"V - Voyage"
Double, Spring/Summer 2014
Ondria Hardin by Theo Wenner

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"Pretty Woman", Vogue UK, February 1995Photographer : Mario TestinoModel : Meghan Douglas
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Some people here say the parents spoiled their youngest kid. No dude, it ain’t happens to me. I didn’t have that ‘spoiled moments’ during my childhood. My parents pushed me to grow up when I was five or maybe younger if I had good memory back then. They pushed me to know the reality of life. I’ve been hurt since that… Not only physically but my heart also hurts. You know the phrase that says “The first cut is the deepest”. Yes it is. I’m might be the youngest one but the way they treat me is like I’m the big sister or maybe the additional members. I have so many responsibilities, not only for the house works. During the weekend my responsibilities start since I wake up. What about her? When I’m sick they will say I’m such the troublesome. What about her? I don’t want to get sick too. They want me to understand about so many things even I don’t want to. She’s not the only one who gets tired when arrived at home. Me too. I don’t say they are the lemons in my life. I know I’m not the golden kid. I don’t have that bad ass smart brain. I’m not that pretty. It’s my first time earning money too. I’m not a Cinderella with two step sisters. I’m not the one who you always be proud of in front of your friends. I just want the people here to treat me equally…

it’s okay to take care of yourself first.

And please don’t come to me just when you feel lonely. I’m not your teddy bear, darling…
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'Guinevere Portrayed' - model: Guinevere Van Seenus - photographer: Paolo Roversi - fashion editor: Julien D’Ys - hair: Ilker Akyol - make-up: Soner Akyol - set & costume design: Sophie Durham - Vogue Italia March 2014

  • Atelelier Versace - Dior Haute Couture  - Valentino Haute Couture - Schiaparelli Haute Couture


'Oh My Lord' - model: Nastya Kusakina - photographer: Mariano Vivanco - fashion editor: Ekaterina Mukhina - hair: Ed Moelands - make-Up: Ayami Nishimura - Vogue Russia Dec12

Opaque  by  andbamnan